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We Offer Commercial Insurance

From a one person start up, to large companies with thousands of employees and multiple locations, the experts at have the solution. has access to agents and carriers with expertise in all areas of commercial insurance!

What Business Insurance Covers:

At the following components may be included in your coverage:

  • Lawsuits, investigations and settlements – If your business is sued.
  • Injury damages – Claims arising from bodily injury or property damages resulting from accidents on your premises or from your products and services.
  • Advertising Injury – In the event your marketing infringes on someone’s copyright.
  • And more… Call us with your questions or for a free consultation.

Business Insurance Questions

What is covered by commercial liability insurance?

Business liability coverage safeguards against many known and unknown risks. Commercial liability insurance coverage protects everyone at your business from claims involving bodily injury or damage to property, up to the limits of your policy. Policies indemnify you from the expenses of settlements, litigations and court judgments.

Has your agent written a letter on your behalf for a discount to your insurance carrier?

Commercial insurance is not like Personal auto or home owner insurance, which has set rates. Commercial insurance is negotiable.  If you agent cannot show you letters and/or emails he has written on your behalf negotiating a better deal for you, then you are leaving money on the table.

Have you been provided “loss runs” regarding your business?

If your business never or rarely has had claims, your agent can use this to negotiate a better price. It’s that simple! If your agent hasn’t reviewed losses with you lately, you are probably over paying!

Has your agents discussed Identity theft exposure of your business with you?

In today’s world of cyber crime and misinformation, there are many exposures you may not be aware of. If your business accepts credit cards, or handles sensitive information, you should discuss that with your agent. Not all insurance companies cover cyber crime…Actually, some companies excluded it!

How many companies does you agent have the ability to quote with?

Some agents have only one company to write commercial insurance through, some have many.  In addition, depending on the relationship with the agent and the insurance company, the price can vary!  Yes, we are saying that one agent can get a better deal from the same company, depending on how he presents your insurance package to the insurance company. We have over 26 years of high premium volume and respectful interaction with the carriers we represent!  And as always, we are your advocate at time of claim!

Business Insurance Articles

What does business insurance cover?

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If your business is sued on a covered risk, your business insurance will retain a law firm to represent your company and pay any settlement or judgment up to the amount of your policy limits.

Business insurance is also known as commercial insurance. It can protect your business from claims involving bodily injury, theft, property damage, discrimination, harassment along with other risks. It can even cover employee injuries or interruption of your business. Read More