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Teen drivers need the right auto insurance coverage

Once your teenager gets his or her driver’s license, your options for insurance coverage are limited. You can either add the teen on your policy, or separate insurance can be purchased.

Adding your teen to your policy

Adding your new driver on your existing policy at is easy. Here are some possible pros and cons.


  • It’s less expensive
  • Your existing coverage will apply to your teen
  • Your teen can be covered in all of your cars
  • You keep all of your policy benefits including perks


  • Increased premiums with inexperienced teen drivers
  • Adverse premium consequences after teen tickets or accidents
  • Possible parental legal liability

Buying a separate policy for your teen

When most parents compare the cost of two separate auto policies, they usually gravitate to one policy that covers all of the drivers in their family.


  • When a parent has a bad driving record
  • If a parent has a poor credit rating
  • When a car is titled in the teen’s name


  • Increased overall auto insurance costs
  • The teen’s inability to avail himself or herself to your policy benefits and perks

So how do we save money on our teen’s car insurance?

Start your research months before your teen even gets their driver’s license. By doing that, you can make an educated decision. We can help you with your research while we line your teen’s coverage up for you. If you or your child are going to buy a car, make sure it’s a safe and older car. You might even want to eliminate collision and comprehensive coverage on an old car. Insurers prefer old cars, and they’re less expensive for you to insure. If your child carries a grade point average of 3.0 or over, many insurers will allow a good student discount. You might want to adjust your deductible upward too from perhaps $500 to $1,000. You’ll see the difference in your reduced premium.

Contact us! We’ll work through everything with you while we figure all of your options into the coverage and price equation.