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Follow these Tips to Lower Your homeowners Insurance

Did you know that not making claims on your homeowners insurance is one way of keeping your premium down? But that’s not always an option for everyone so here are some other ways of getting discounts on homeowners insurance.

Roofing material

If you’re building a home or replacing your existing roof, consider Class 4 impact-resistant roofing materials. Your roof takes a constant beating from sun, wind, rain or snow. A damaged roof can get worse quickly. Many insurers are giving significant discounts on homeowners insurance premiums for homes with Class 4 roofs. Insurers also like other impact-resistant materials for windows. If impact-resistant windows are too expensive, hurricane shutters are much less costly.

Where’s the fire department?

If you’re a minute or two from the local fire department, tell your agent. Your insurer is going to take that into consideration. If there’s a fire hydrant in front of or across the street from your home, bring that to your agent’s attention too.

Retiree discounts

Most retired people are at home more often. If something goes wrong in the morning, there’s a high likelihood that the homeowner will identify the problem as soon or immediately after it arises. A pipe that bursts is far less likely to pour water into their home for an entire day.

Alarm systems

Even if you’re retired, you’re not going to be at home 24 hours a day. If you presently have, or you’re installing an alarm system, notify you agent. Just about every insurer gives homeowners insurance discounts for alarm systems. These extend to burglar, fire, carbon monoxide, gas and other alarms.

Recently purchased homes

Whether the home you’re purchasing is new construction or an existing home, there’s probably an inspection report available. Insurers realize that any structural, health or safety issues have already been repaired, and the home is compliant. Any problems are much more likely to arise 10 years after you’ve been in the home.


Gated communities are better protected. Residents know who should be there and who shouldn’t. They might even have private security on the premises. Homeowners insurance discounts should be available due to reduced risk for the insurer.

Talk to your agents about these possible discounts. You should be able to shave significant money off of your premium.