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Does your homeowners insurance policy cover your dog?

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Check Your Policy to Find Out if Your Dog is Covered

You might have had your home insured with the same insurance company for the last 15 years, but if you have one or more dogs, don’t just assume that you’re covered for any bites or damage they might cause. Check with your insurance agent to find out whether you’re indeed covered and what the coverage consists of. Maybe you were covered at one time, and maybe you aren’t now. Maybe your insurance company doesn’t even know that you have a dog. Read More

What is wind mitigation?

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By Mitigating Wind Damage, Homeowners Could Save up to 40% on Insurance

If you live on or near the Atlantic Coast or the Gulf of Mexico, you’ve likely heard about wind mitigation and inspections. If you haven’t, you might want to want to look into the homeowners insurance premium reductions that a wind mitigation inspection might avail you to. Your savings could be substantial every year. Read More

Optional Endorsements for Homeowners Insurance

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Now’s the Time to Review Your Coverage

It’s spring cleaning time again, and it’s a good time to schedule your annual insurance review too. Much can change during the course of a year, so take a look around you, and evaluate what you’ve picked up recently that’s likely to need increased insurance coverage. Consider special endorsements and floaters because a standard homeowners policy is likely to leave you with some significant coverage gaps. Read More

Are you required to have homeowners insurance at closing?

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Homeowners insurance is almost always required at closing.

When you’re taking out a mortgage to buy a home, the real estate serves as security for the loan. Since your lender is going to maintain an interest in that property, it wants its interests insured against damage or loss by fire, explosion, weather or the like. That’s why either prior to closing or at time of closing, you’re going to be required to show your lender that you’ve purchased homeowners insurance with an appropriate mortgagee’s clause designating the lender as an additional insured. Read More