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Will my insurance cover windshield repairs and replacements?

Your vehicle’s windshield is incredibly strong, but all it takes is a small pebble thrown up in the right direction at the right velocity, and suddenly you have a crack, divot, or even a hole. Comprehensive automotive insurance coverage is usually optional, but it might help pay for occurrences that don’t involve collisions–like a cracked windshield from road debris.

Even a small ding on your windshield needs to be acted upon quickly. If you don’t repair the damage, it’s likely to get worse and become a hazard to your safety. If something else hits the windshield, it could shatter into the faces of anybody occupying the vehicle. That’s why you want to report the damage to your auto insurer as soon as possible. They’ll help you navigate through the process of trying to get it repaired or replaced.

Rather than replacing windshields, many can be repaired after being damaged. Damage is categorized by how it looks. Somebody who works on windshields for a living can determine whether your windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced. If the damage has been there for six months or longer, the general rule is that replacement is in order. With many repair companies, you don’t even have to go to them. They’ll come to your home or work.

Don’t delay if your windshield is damaged. Give us a call and an agent will work with you to get your windshield repaired.